About Us

Mulady Solutions has a long-held belief that service is the key differentiator between businesses, particularly when a number of companies offer the same product. 

Given that two-thirds of customer complaints are about people and service issues, not the actual product, all staff should be trained, empowered and have the tools for the ultimate customer service experience. Mulady Solutions was established in January 2007 to enable organisations achieve this.

Why Us?

Not only are we passionate about what we do, we are practical, honest and transparent – we might challenge you from time to time but that is because we want your business to grow and thrive.

Annie has hands-on front-line and team management experience coupled with a clear and energetic communication style which is an excellent combination for skills training and business development. Annie’s style is extremely participative and engaging using activities and exercises to promote learning and skills building. By ensuring that she can link training activities to the workplace, learning is always relevant and aligned to the business, and the business priorities.

  • Fully tailored solutions including discovery time with the client – we focus on understanding your specific company needs and requirements
  • Research on the industry your business operates within – identifying best practice
  • Experienced consultancy and training delivery – 35 business years and counting!
  • Activity based training rather than school room learning – no one falls asleep in our sessions!
  • Hands-on customer service experience at both front-line and management levels – not just text book advice

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